The family is a vehicle for spreading God’s love into the world.The more that your family is connected to God, the more of His love you will enjoy and spread with others. It may seem a daunting task to prioritize above all else focusing on Christ and growing in His love as a family. It may even seem that it is impossible at times.But with God all things are possible, and to be sure, there are some very concrete and simple things you can do to live your family life in the presence of Almighty God.

Pray A Family Rosary

The first thing you can do is to commit to family prayer.This is not intended to be a substitute for private prayer, but to orient your family towards God.You could pray a family Rosary for a special intention, you could pray together a vocal prayer from your hearts by taking turns addressing your prayer to God. You could pray in the Holy Spirit together or just hold hands with your spouse and quietly pray, and then share your insights from prayer. You may even want to try and pray Night Prayer, found in the Liturgy of the Hours, together before bed, or Morning Prayer as you start your day.

Bless Your Spouse and Children

You can use Scripture to do this, or just pray from your heart. This is often an overlooked, but powerful way, of loving your family and has roots in the traditional Jewish family blessings. A common family blessing is found in Numbers 6: 24-26.

Read Scripture Together Daily

Discuss and pray with scripture as a family. This is vitally important because it connects your family with the Word of God.

Receive the Sacraments Together

Receive the Sacraments whenever possible and also avail yourself to God in other ways.Consider, attending daily Mass (if you are able), going to adoration, and going to Confession as a family frequently. You might also consider going to prayer meetings together, going on a marriage retreat with your spouse, or having a family reflection day.

Perform the Corporeal and Spiritual Acts of Mercy as A Family

Some examples of this include praying for someone together, providing food for a hungry person, or speaking to others about Christ and the Church.

Practice Forgiveness

Forgive your spouse and ask forgiveness for any wrongs you have committed before bed each night.This can be part of your daily examination of conscience, and you may consider teaching your children to participate in this practice with you.This helps to ensure that bitterness does not take root in your family.

Protect Your Family Time Together

We all lead very busy lives and have to juggle professional, ministerial, social, and family commitments. But your family must be prioritized for it to be what God wants it to be. So guard your family time and only deviate from this time for serious reasons.

This article was intended to suggest some practical ways for you to prioritize your family’s spiritual life. May your family be blessed by God and be a beacon of His light for others.