• Uniting Our Daily Labors to the Cross

There are two dimensions of work: the objective dimension and the subjective dimension.The objective dimension is the work we produce; the subjective dimension is our experience working, that it, the expression of our human dignity through work.The latter is what we mean when we talk about taking pride in our work, working with all our heart, and working for the Lord.It is not only what we do that matters in our work, but how we do it.This is often neglected in our current culture, which is preoccupied with efficiency and production quotas.We should strive to unite our work to the cross so that our Lord can use it to build up His Kingdom and save souls.Here are some concrete ways we can do just that.

Offer up your work to God when you do your daily offering

Your daily offering should include an offering of your work to God, and you can specify a particular intention, like the salvation of a particular person.

Punctuate your work with time for prayer

It is easy to get absorbed in our work and forget about God.Because of this, it is helpful to have a prayer card or a crucifix close to you. That way you can always remember to pray through your work.

See the Challenges in your Workday as Opportunities to Grow in Virtue

When you are facing a tough deadline or a project that seems impossible, do your best to cooperate with the Lord and talk to him about your struggles. Be careful to listen to the Lord and follow His counsels.

Have Specific Intentions in Mind to Focus Your Work

For example, you could offer up your work in the morning for the salvation of a friend, your work in the afternoon for the end of abortion, and your work in the evening for those suffering with illness.

Our Lord wants you to work for His glory.Our Lady wants you to work for the glory of Her son.By uniting your labors to the cross of Christ, great things can happen in heaven and on earth.