• 6 Spiritually Healthy Habits to Cultivate at Work

Whether you work from home or have an on-site, hard labor, type job – allowing your work to form you in virtue is a core aspect of any lay vocation. How we spend our days and the activities the Lord has brought us to can be an opportunity for the Lord to conform our hearts into His. Ultimately, our work can be a mechanism of sanctification to aid us in our life’s first priority, to live in communion with God forever in Heaven. Here are 6 Spiritual Habits that you might consider cultivating at work to allow the Lord to transform your heart through it:

Start Your Workday of In Prayer

When you get to your office or work site, consider offering a prayer to the Lord for any petition you have for your workday. It can be as simple as offering the labors of your workday for mercy upon yourself and or others. Regardless of where you work or what you do for a living, setting the tone for your day by offering it to the Lord in prayer will benefit you not only spiritually. It will also better allow you to remember the purpose behind all you do, getting to Heaven.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

You may have heard the old saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” The truth in this statement can be seen in the order that is demanded by keeping things clean. When we keep things clean, we reduce our risk of error, dysfunction, and on a biological level, illness. Similarly, when we regularly examine our conscience and clean our souls through the Sacraments, we flourish! Let your workspace be a reflection of a well-ordered interior life!

Don’t Be Concerned with Getting Credit

When you encounter success at work, embrace it with a spirit of humility. Try to concern yourself more with giving your best effort in your work than having your work recognized. And when you do receive praise or recognition, humbly accept it with recognition that the Glory be given to God.

Take A Lunch Break

You are a human being- not a human doing! No matter how busy you are taking a lunch break can be a good way to rest and reset your mind in recognition that you are a finite being with human needs. Taking a lunch break can actually be an act of humility and a reminder to avoid unhealthy attachment to your work.

Refrain from Interrupting Co-Workers – Practice Listening

When you are passionate about a project or excited to share your insights on a particular topic, it can be difficult to sit and receive others. The temptation to interrupt, particularly when communicating over the computer or phone, can be strong! Work scenarios such as this can provide the perfect opportunity for practicing the virtues of patience and temperance.

Stop Complaining – Start Praising

Complaining about work, and perhaps complaining in general, has become a commonplace hobby for many in our society. In order to better cultivate a spirit of charity towards others, practice the art of withholding complaints. When you voice a grievance, work to ensure you have a charitable purpose in doing so. This can allow you to have a greater sense of joy and peace when irritations arise or you feel slighted!

We hope these spiritually healthy habits help you cultivate greater sanctity at work!